Last night… Night of Writing Dangerously 2013. NaNoWriMo rules my world!

Thank you! Millions of words came to life in one gorgeous ball room.


Monroe out.

Here’s the latest song on rotation, bringing the creativity to life – Pearl Jam – Sirens


Writing had been a struggle for the last couple months, not for the lack of ideas, but making the time to get the arse in the chair. But, that was solved and the words are not only flowing in the brain, but down the arm, into the fingertips and onto the keys.

It’s been hellish, but fun getting back into story-mode and ignoring other parts of life:) Submissions will be out next month and then it’s onward to self-publishing.

Hope to have new things to report by the end of summer! Until then, keep rocking! \m/

Monroe out :)

Six Nations and Friends

Just a quick drop in because it has been a while. Writing, building, meetings, educating myself on the industry, they have all been necessary and fun. But, one of the best events to come my way (via PPV and a cover charge), was the Six Nations 2013 tournament! The BF and some great friends rallied with me to come out in the wee hours of the morning to pubs in SF for the party and the rugby!

In the end, Wales claimed victory and it was glorious to watch. Having a packed crowd of Americans and Euro true fans of the game was only more enjoyable when blogger, Everwriting, joined in the fun yesterday.

Tremendous highs and lows for each country, when I get to watch the game live at top level, it always reminds me why I love it so much. Not to mention the extreme HOTNESS of the players leads to more inspiration for writing, it’s all worth the trouble of waking up in the dark on a weekend morning for a couple of months!

Until next time, well done Wales!

Monroe out:)

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Happy Birthday Mom

You are missed beyond words, but here’s some music for the mood today.

Dead Souls by Joy Division

Someone take these dreams away,
That point me to another day,
A duel of personalities,
That stretch all true realities.

That keep calling me,
They keep calling me,
Keep on calling me,
They keep calling me.

Where figures from the past stand tall,
And mocking voices ring the halls.
Imperialistic house of prayer,
Conquistadors who took their share.

That keep calling me,
They keep calling me,
Keep on calling me,
They keep calling me.

Calling me, calling me, calling me, calling me.

They keep calling me,
Keep on calling me,
They keep calling me,
They keep calling me.

Monroe out:)

Happy 2013!

This year is about writing well and publishing; even if it’s on my own. It’s also about love, laughter, travel, music, rugby, family, chosen family, and improved health! There’s a lot on the line this year, but we Brad Girls always MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Monroe out:)

Soundtrack for today’s writing:

The Smiths * “How Soon Is Now?”


NaNoWriMo 2012…

Has been HANDLED!! I happily downloaded my “Winner’s Certificate” last night in the wee hours. This year really kicked my butt (even forcing me to start wearing my reading glasses as prescribed!), and now the editing can begin. It was a weird NaNo month this time around, as not every member of my usual posse got involved, but that left the door open to meeting new writers and that’s always a great thing.

The soundtrack this month was fairly limited, as only a handful of songs allowed my brain the freedom it needed for this year’s NaNo: “Release” by Pearl Jam, “Dead Souls” by Joy Division, “Gorecki” by Lamb, “Angel” by Massive Attack” and “My Love” by Sia. I basically rotated those tracks ad nauseam all month. It was magical!


Here’s a taste: Massive Attack’s “Angel”

Once again, I owe the folks at the Office of Letters and Light a ginormous THANK YOU for allowing my brain to experience 30 days of literary abandon!
Monroe out:)